Grace Emmerson

Grace EmmersonIf you want a radiant healthy complexion, would like to feel confident in your skin, are looking after your skin for the future as well as the present and if you prefer to count your blessings rather than years, then you are in the right place.

I am passionate about Dr Hauschka Skin Care. It is visibly effective skin care, supporting healthy, radiant, comfortable skin for all ages. The purity of the ingredients, the effectiveness of the products and the deeply restorative nature of the Facial and Body Treatments are 'second to none'. With a ethos which prioritises environmental sustainability, fair trade and fair practices, authenticity and genuine care for their workers and their customers above profit, when you buy Dr Hauschka Skin Care products you are part of a remarkable system of integrity.

Greater than the sum of its parts, this is a luxurious combination of scientific rigour and the spirit of nature. I believe this truly is 'natural beauty'.



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I have over twenty five years’ experience of working with the body and of Dr Hauschka Skin Care. During this time I have had clients of all ages from young teens to octogenarians. I have treated shy young men with acne, beautiful young women who, despite their beauty, believe they are unattractive, aged great-grandmothers whose skin radiates with health, professional sports people, actors, business leaders and others in the public eye who want to achieve the best skin possible without having invasive treatments.

Everyone is individual and each treatment is tailored and bespoke in its essential nature. I have experience in treating distressing conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema and premature ageing and, most rewarding of all, I have witnessed countless clients grow to like their skin and enjoy their appearance, to feel less preoccupied and more confident.

Growing up, I was a shy, ginger-haired girl with low self-esteem. My mum thought it was vain to care about looks so my teenage-self experimented privately with clothes, makeup and hair styles, poring over magazines like Jackie, Fab 208 and Cosmopolitan. I ironed my hair, wore huge platforms and tons of hairspray and started to have a lot of fun with aesthetics.

Over the years, as I developed my own sense of style and self, I learned that giving due attention to our skin and our bodies - inside and out - is not vanity but self-care. I learned that a grounded sense of confidence enables us to be more resilient and connected to our own and others’ emotional needs. That as we accept the face we see in the mirror, we can celebrate difference and diversity in others.

Confidence in our skin allows us to embrace the natural changes that occur in our bodies, to smile at the face we develop over the years, and to know that the individual beauty that is innately ours tells the story of our life.

I love to dance as if no-one is watching, to sing loudly and badly, to garden and get muddy and grubby in nature, to laugh with friends, sit in silence and look at the sky, to walk in woods and lie in the leaves. And to dress up and party.

My work as a Dr Hauschka Esthetician has simplicity and integrity, is nourishing to us humans and respectful to nature. I am grateful to have been able to develop a rewarding way to earn my living in a way which also supports our beautiful world.


Dr Hauschka Treatments

Dr Hauschka Facial and Body Treatments are holistic in the truest sense of the word.


"Thank you so much for the most glorious and relaxing couple of hours last week. The treatment was an absolute dream and my skin looks so much plumper" Helena

"Grace is deeply intuitive and no two massages are the same. She has a great gift and she shares it with a generous heart." Mel

It is always a pleasure ordering my Dr Hauschka products from you and I wouldn't go anywhere else." Natalie



Dr Hauschka Skin Care

Award winning, botanical power, 100% natural and organic ingredients. Dr Hauschka Skin Care is simply the best