I am reaping the rewards of the treatment - my skin looks much healthier - even my 14 year old son noticed! I will come again in a few months. See you soon!



My skin doesn't feel flakey or sore anymore.You explained about my small blood vessels getting used to the heat and then the cool and they really have, not completely gone but shrunk and I've only been using your products 6 weeks so thank you so much I'm really loving it all. Thank you Grace. X.



Thank you for the mask, these products, your teaching me how to use them and explaining to me about skin being an organ etc has actually taught me to love myself and indulge in pampering myself a bit.I'm loving adding my lavender bath to my baths most nights and just relaxing, it's great lol. I look happier and healthier too.



Thank you so much for the bespoke kit! You are lovely! I'm off to Dublin for the weekend, to celebrate a friend's birthday, so nowhere terribly exotic, but it will be a nice change.

And now I have my full complement of Dr. Hauschka travel sizes, I'm good to go! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Thank you again for the great service.



I was feeling completely stressed from looking after my elderly mother when I came to Grace for tailor-made treatments and follow up over the last few months.She was kind and welcoming and the combined back massage followed by the Dr Hauschka rhythmic treatment is deeply restorative, soothing, relaxing and luxurious.

My skin and general wellbeing are much improved, I sleep better and feel more balanced and rejuvenated.

I really look forward to my now regular appointments in the oasis of her peaceful and tranquil treatment room. I think her treatments would be beneficial for people of all ages and skin conditions. Enjoy!

Diana Artist



I didn’t think I was the sort of person to have my feet done but I’m hooked. It is the only time I relax.

Wayne Mechanic



Grace has a magic couch which makes my brain switch off as soon as I lie on it.

Nicola GP and mother of a young baby



It is more relaxing than any other massage. I feel ‘plumped up, like a feather cushion’ and go home feeling very grounded.

Ursula Foster Carer



I have had acne since I was a teenager and used to feel very self-conscious about my spots. Seeing Grace has really changed my skin and now some days I don’t even think about it at all. I feel like a different person and I have a lot more confidence to change things in my life and try different things.

Helen Administrator



The best facial I have ever tried. My skin looked great for weeks after.

Catherine Grandmother



My friend asked me if I’d had botox because my skin looked fresher and younger. I was rather pleased because I had been having Facial Firming Treatments with Grace and using Dr Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care! It was quite a compliment in a way! I’m hooked…

Michelle Solicitor



My facial was a real pampering experience.


Dr. Hauschka products are so gentle, and left my skin feeling deeply refreshed. Grace is unique amongst beauticians, as she explained every step of the way. Her treatments are really client focused, and carried out in a beautiful setting in such a calm and stress free way.


I have used the products for 4 years now. I don’t get dry patches like I used to, or that tight feeling when I cleanse. I am gradually working my way through the other products, and love the makeup and my quince moisturiser.

Caroline Health Visitor



At the top of the facial game sits Grace Emmerson with her holistic Dr.Hauschka Treatment...


her knowledge of the skin’s functions and her sensitivity and awareness is unsurpassable.

Nina Norman Beauty Journalist



Thank you for a fab facial yesterday. Woke up this morning to find my skin looking so much better.


Please can I book another facial next month...