Super clean not squeaky clean!

Many people think that moisturising the skin is the most important aspect of skin care. But in truth, it is good cleansing that keeps your skin in the best of health. Gentle yet efficient cleansing removes dirt, excess oil and secretions without disturbing the acid mantle in the process. It allows your skin to carry out its essential functions of protection, secretion and production. When you pay attention to your cleansing routine you lay the foundation for beautiful and vibrant complexion.

What makes Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream and its application unique?

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream is extraordinary; it gives a gentle yet deep cleanse which leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable, it preserves the skins’ natural pH, reduces congestion and helps refine the pores and soothes sensitive skin and inflammation. The science behind the formulation: The skin is slightly acidic, sometime known as the ‘acid–mantle’. This acidic layer is essential to protect the skin, keeping moisture in and bacteria out. It is made by the skin’s natural secretions from the oil and sweat glands. The majority of skin cleansers are alkaline because they are cheaper to make but alkaline cleansers disrupt the acid mantle which can leave the skin either feeling tight and dry or sometimes excessively oily because the skin tries to correct the pH balance.

The active ingredients in Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream are almond oil and almond meal. When the meal is mixed with water, it forms an emulsion that binds with skin secretions and daily pollutants. The impurities and dead cells are lifted out of the pores by the pressing and rolling movement, they bind with the almond emulsion and are then washed off the skin with water. Cleansing Cream has a grainy texture but is not a conventional exfoliant. Scrubbing will result in skin cells being torn off before they are ready, which encourages sensitivity. The press and roll action gently removes skin cells only when they are ready to shed.

Getting the best from your cleanse

1. Preparing the skin
Warming the skin with a warm muslin cloth or flannel is the most effective way to open the pores for deep cleansing. Hold the cloth to your face, neck and decollete for a few moments until your skin feels warm and moist. If you choose not to use a cloth then splashing well with warm water is the next best method. The addition of a drop of Moor Lavender Bath Essence is useful if you live in a hard water area. It smells divine and makes for a wonderful nurturing experience.

2. Cleansing
Mix about 1cm of Cleansing Cream to a smooth paste in your palms by adding water. Apply to your skin using a pressing, rolling motion; paying attention to congestion-prone areas such as nose and chin. Avoid the eye area. Use the whole hand, not just fingertips, for ease and efficiency. The ‘suction’ action lifts the dirt without rubbing.
Work from top to bottom and inside to outside to support the internal processes.

3. Removal
Remove the Cleansing Cream thoroughly by wiping away gently with the muslin or splashing with warm water.
Complete the cleanse with a cool cloth held to your face, neck and décolleté or splash with cool water.

4. Completion
Spritz with Facial Toner to support the skin’s moisture regulation.

The result; clean, healthy skin that looks radiant and feels comfortable.
Can you feel the difference?

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