Why Use Dr Hauschka Products?

What is so great about Dr Hauschka Skin Care?

Dr Hauschka skin care products are remarkable and, in my opinion, second to none. They bring a truly an exceptional approach to skin care which respects and works with the natural rhythms of the skin to restore and maintain a healthy and vibrant complexion, producing real and lasting results instead of quick-fix solutions that can create longer-term dependency or sensitivity.

When you begin to use Dr Hauschka skin care products you quickly notice the benefits of renewed 'aliveness' and radiance which promotes a feeling of confidence in how your skin will respond to everyday challenges.

Skin which is challenged with blemished, dryness, acne or hyper-sensitivity, responds well to these gentle, yet very effective natural products, enabling it to rebalance and strengthen from within and helps restore the skin's natural healthy balance. On many occasions, clients will have been unhappy with their skin for many years, and are delighted when they quickly see how their skin responds.

Radiant, healthy skin, environmentally sustainable, fairly traded with respect for farmers and producers, authentic ingredients, rigorous standards, a heartful business approach and outstanding results... all aspects of Dr Hauschka Skin Care.

I choose to sell and use only Dr Hauschka products in my beauty treatments* because I will only use products with ingredients that are environmentally sustainable, produced by a company that values the complete chain from the farmers and producers right through to you, the customer.

The unique ingredients are derived from organic plants and medicinal herbs, sourced from farms that care for nature and ensure ethical working practices and fair rights for their workers. The company ethos ensures that the products are formulated with a deep respect for nature and do not cost the earth, financially and environmentally.

This is why Dr Hauschka skin care products continue to grow in popularity, and why I choose Dr Hauschka products for my work and for my family.

* the only exception is if a particular product is not made by Dr Hauschka in which case I have chosen an alternative product which is produced with the same exacting standards. For Men's care, I have chosen products from Speick Men.