Welcome to Grace Emmerson

An exceptional approach to skin care. Organic and bio-dynamic skin care products restore radiance and healthy balance. Profoundly relaxing and deeply restorative Dr Hauschka facial and body treatments give an enduring sense of wellbeing. 

Radiance guaranteed. At any age.

At the top of the facial game sits Grace Emmerson 
with her holistic Dr Hauschka Treatment…
her knowledge of the skin’s functions
and her sensitivity and awareness is unsurpassable.

Nina Norman – Makeup Artist

Treat your body with 100% natural and organic body care for healthy skin that looks beautiful, feels comfortable and ages well.

Nurturing body care for beautifully healthy skin.

Dr Hauschka Face Care uses only natural and organic ingredients to support your skin’s natural rhythms and your own unique natural beauty.

Truly exceptional face care for a radiant complexion.

Profoundly relaxing and deeply restorative Dr Hauschka Facial Treatments are like no other.

Facial treatments that give your skin radiance and restore health and balance for a clear and vibrant complexion.

This is the natural makeup that your skin has been looking for: 100% natural and organic ingredients, vibrant colours, sustainable and ethical, versatile, modern and nourishing.

You are in for a treat.